The Daily Walk & Talk


Why I created The Daily Walk & Talk?

I’ve put this powerful program together for you to start healing your life. I stumbled upon this years ago when I was struggling with my own battle against cancer - stage 4 and given 6 months to live. That was 30 years ago. My dog and I would go off on our daily walks, and I’d tell him everything that scared me, and then I’d ask him questions and affirm the answers.



I had no idea what I was doing years ago on my healing journey, all I knew was that I felt better when I did my Daily Walk and Talk. The concept of mind over body was so new and most people thought it was "woo woo" nonsense. Hence they called me a "woo woo nutter!" Apparently, I wasn't such a nutter after-all. Today we have scientific proof that the mind can heal the body. I often wonder, what took science so long to catch on!

I was a young 20 something pioneer who went to the ends of the earth to heal my life. I was way ahead of the curve. 

Be Cancer-Free in your mind for one hour of power with Prue.

The Daily Walk & Talk  helped me step out of my cancer for a moment. Cancer and other serious illnesses tend to follow us around day in day out like a scary stalker – always on our mind morning till night. Your illness weighs a ton and you carry it around with you day in day out. My Daily Walk and Talk was my time to be free of my cancer.

I know now just how powerful brain healing is, and I want more than anything for you to know this power within you.


The Daily Walk & Talk is 4-parts.

The Daily Walk & Talk is set up in 4-parts with a calming cool down at the end.

In Part 1 I take you through a powerful breathing technique, I call the Dolphin 4 X 4 Breath. This will not only detox your mind and emotions, but your body as well, as moving and breathing stimulate your immune system.

I chose and designed this breathing technique after the healing mammal, the dolphin. Dolphins symbolize the breath of life; they teach us to ride the waves of emotion and to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. This simple breathing exercise will enhance your immune system.




Part 2 of your hour of power

In Part 2 we examine how you look at your world and focus on all of the good in your life to be grateful for.
When you feel grateful, you cannot be fearful at the same time.

You will soon notice how you will not give your cancer or illness a single thought when you are in gratitude. For a moment in time, you will be free of cancer or your illness. It doesn’t exist at this moment.

Question & Affirm:

In Part 3 of our Daily Walk and Talk, I take you through a compelling Question & Affirm technique that I will teach you and help you find your wisdom within. This is not woo-woo stuff, but rather a way to restructure your beliefs so you may truly start believing in yourself and become powerful beyond measure.

Part 4 of your hour of power

And finally, in Part 4, we focus on getting our body moving and kicking up our walk a notch. If you’re a runner, you can start running, if you just want to pick up the pace of the walk that’s okay, too. Whatever feels best to your body at this point.

The Daily Walk and Talk will be healing and inspiring, and I can’t wait to spend an hour of power with you!

With focus and determination, with a high belief in who we are, we can accomplish anything in life.


Prue's Place was Awarded top 70 Melanoma Blog on the Planet.

In my research for cancer cures and help in how to deal with malignant melanoma, I found Prue Sinclair, (founder, Prue's Place). In an open, nonreligious and spiritual way Prue helped guide me to understanding how to not only create a life worth living, but the true reality of cancer: mentally physically spiritually and emotionally.

On my last PET scan I was cancer-free.

Kevin Roth


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